Wolfram Lohr

Guten tag. I have been living and working in Brighton, UK for about 13 years now. I came from Germany to learn shoe making and now make leather accessories. I love things to be simple, strong and classic. Old objects from yesteryear have inspired me to make to last.
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Q:Could you tell me the difference between the two black options on the pencil case? They look beautiful.
Asked by Jane Perry about Leather Pencil Case on 30 December 2013
A:Hello Jane Thanks for showing interest in our pencilcase.they both black pencilcase have different characters .one is vegetable taned leather which will age beautifully and the other is a grey black textured leather.i would recommend the first option then we plan to take the texture one out of our range.hope that helped you.iwish you a fantastic new year.wolfram and team
Answered by Wolfram Lohr on 30 December 2013
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60 second interview

Q: What is your favourite colour?A: OrangeQ: Who first inspired you to start making/ creating and what words of advice did they give you?A: The shoe industry inspired me! I could not find the perfect shoe for myself, so I decided to learn how to make them. There seemed to be lack of funky choice for men. Q: Where and when do you most like to work?A: I love to work in my workshop between 10am and 10pm.Q: Which season of the year most inspires you?A: WinterQ: What can't you work without?A: I cant work without a good working sewing machine.Q: Whose work do you most admire?A: Henri CuirQ: What is your favourite piece of fiction and why?A: Amalie the french film which a beautiful quirky film.Q: What do you do to relax?A: Watch sport.Q: Describe your artistic style in 3 words. A: Strong, classic and simple.

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Hello there, Im busy making some skinny tan belts for a shop in cornwell. I cut the belts with a strip cutter and then curve cut the edges with edge bevelor. Then Irub the egdes with aglue and water s... View more