Richard Shock

Wood turner
Wood is an enormously varied and versatile material. In my workshop in Oxford I use mostly locally sourced timber, especially ash, sycamore and elm - but not oak to which I am allergic - to make a range of turned products, many using my signature inlays.
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Q:Just wanted to say you are a star! So kind of you to make long salad servers for me. I live in the US but will be in the UK for work soon and will try to organize a UK shipping address.
Asked by Jennifer O'Connor on 28 January 2013
A:Dear Jennifer Many thanks for your feedback. I'm happy to keep them back for you if you can arrange a UK delivery address. If that's not possible, please note that I do also use the facility when setting up new pieces on Seek and Adore which allow for delivery to the USA - though of course there is a price; I now include free UK delivery on all work. I will wait to hear from you. Richard
Answered by Richard Shock on 28 January 2013
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60 second interview

Q: What is your favourite colour?A: GreenQ: Who first inspired you to start making/ creating and what words of advice did they give you?A: I started by thinking that woodturning was fun as soon as I had a go at a lathe. I was inspired to take it seriously by the people who bought the first pieces I rather tentatively displayed. It soon became obvious from talking to them that, to take my work to the levels I wanted to reach, I had to think about design at least as much as about the purely mechanical aspects of turning.Q: Where and when do you most like to work?A: As my lathe weights about a fifth of a ton, I am limited to working in my workshop. My wife says that I am obsessive and, given the chance, would work 24 hours a day. She may be right!Q: Which season of the year most inspires you?A: SpringQ: What can't you work without?A: Apart from the required tools ie gouges, abrasives, finishing oils etc, my essential tool is my facemask with integral dust extraction. The other essential is Radio 4. Q: Whose work do you most admire?A: Among woodturners, I really admire Richard Raffan for his beautiful designs, Gary Rance for his amazing spindle work and Les Thorne and Nick Agar for their design ideas - and infectious enthusiasm. Q: What is your favourite piece of fiction and why?A: I don't read much fiction but I guess that it's Barnaby Rudge - perhaps one of Dickens' lesser known works but with a superb set of characters, in special places and woven into history.Q: What do you do to relax?A: I like reading history and have an extensive collection of books, mostly British history. I used to have an international job and we both like travelling.Q: Describe your artistic style in 3 words. A: Simple Flowing Inlays

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I'm still on a high having just heard that I have been invited to show my work in the market Tent of Art in Action at Waterperry House in July (17 - 20) I'll be showing inlaid bowls, paperweights and... View more

Just received another piece of feedback, this time about a bowl of mine sold at the Gift Shop at Blenheim Palace ".... a truly lovely bowl. Thank you for making it." TK 

Nice to receive positive feedback: "Richard’s beautiful bowl sits on our counter, holding our fresh fruit every day and has withstood the business and abuse of a household of young children for more t... View more

I've now got a design for paperknife/letter opener that I am happy with so have uploaded the first to Seek and Adore. The woods, ash and sapele, match one of the paperweights also on Seek and Adore s... View more

After the great Christmas rush, everything is now a bit calmer in my workshop which gives me the opportunity to try out new ideas. One of them is paperknives - made entirely of wood. I plan to make t... View more