An experienced team supporting you behind the scenes

Posted on 21 December 2012 by Seek & Adore

When you join Seek & Adore you gain access to a dedicated team who work behind the scenes to help promote you and to sell your work.

Here’s what the team does for you

Daniel Goode, Chief Seeker

- Selects makers and curates the Seek & Adore range.
- Dan has an eye for the beautifully made, the distinctive and the unusual.
- Trained as artist and ceramicist Dan appreciates the skill involved in designer-making and the rigours of a creative life.


Emily Parry-Crooke, Attention Seeker (aka Marketing Manager)

- Boosts designer-makers’ sales by marketing their work though online advertising, social media and online marketing activities.
- Emily trained as a fine artist and has been involved in the promotion of several exhibitions, so appreciates the skill and  dedication of Seek & Adore’s designers-makers.

Martyn Allen, Brand Keeper

- Designs Seek & Adore’s website and marketing materials.
- Martyn knows how to curate work for strong visual impact, which in turn draws in customers and gets them buying!
- Martyn manages Seek & Adore’s photoshoots, selecting pieces to meet seasonal and emerging trends.


Hatty Fawcett, Founder

- Develops new business opportunities and is always looking for new ways of helping makers raise their profiles and sell their work.


Laura Swann, PR

- Promotes Seek & Adore’s designer-makers to the media, getting them coverage in newspapers, magazines and online.


Paul Lantsbury, Safe Keeper

- Manages Seek & Adore’s finances so you can be sure you’re dealing with a reputable company that won’t disappear overnight!




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