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Posted on 12 June 2012 by Hatty Fawcett

Britain is revered the world over for the quality and integrity of its design, art and crafts. Across the UK, there are thousands of designer-makers with a passion for designing and making the things we sometimes take for granted. From everyday objects to statement pieces, Britain’s designer-makers bring passion, dedication and creativity to everything they do. The resulting work is not only functional but it brightens our world!

And yet, British designer-makers often go unnoticed. We want to celebrate their determination and creativity, to give them a voice, to put them on the winner’s podium!

Vote now!
If you have a favourite designer-maker, or you know someone who deserves recognition, now is the time to tell the world about them. It’s simple to participate, just click the Facebook “Like” button next to any maker on Seek & Adore.

There are lots more designer-makers to discover!

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The panel below shows the “Top Ten” designer-makers, in order, based on votes cast by the nation so far. Click the “Vote for this maker” button and then click the Facebook “Like” button to vote for one of these makers. We’ll register your vote and ask you if you’d like to share your vote on Facebook. Doing this will help raise the profile of your chosen designer-makers still further.  (You don’t have to be registered on Facebook to vote for a maker. If you are not on Facebook just click the “Like” button and ignore all the subsequent steps. We’ll still register your vote).

Find out more about the awards:
There are two awards running simultaneously – but you only need to complete one short entry form to be in the running for both:
• Britain’s Favourite Designer-maker
• Britain’s Most Creative Designer-maker (awarded in a number of catgories).

Read more about the awards and the judging panel.

Closing date for entries:
• 31 July 2012 for Britain’s Most Creative Designer Maker
• 31 August 2012 for Britain’s Favourite Designer Maker


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