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Glass maker
Glass is an extraordinary material to work with! Its special qualities make it beautiful, exciting and unique. The inspiration for my work derives from these qualities. By playing with layers of colour, pattern and surface carving, I produce tactile pieces of glass.
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60 second interview

Q: What is your favourite colour?A: GreenQ: Who first inspired you to start making/ creating and what words of advice did they give you?A: My dad. I decided when I was 6 that I was going to be an artist. My dad was an architect, and always encouraged my creativity. His advice was to work hard, always move my designs forward and to have belief in myself.Q: Where and when do you most like to work?A: I like working wherever I am! (usually somewhere I can spread out a bit) I am always making something. I'm a morning person so I work best then, but I don't have a strict routine.Q: Which season of the year most inspires you?A: SpringQ: What can't you work without?A: Music! It's my second love to art. Keeps those creative juices flowing.Q: Whose work do you most admire?A: There are so many people I really don't know how to narrow that down! Anyone who has obviously spent time honing their skills and expressing their originality. Q: What is your favourite piece of fiction and why?A: Hmm, that's a tricky one. I'm a bit of a Stephen King fan, so Shawshank Redemption. He is such a good writer, and the film is great too.Q: What do you do to relax?A: Sing. I'm in a choir, which I love. I also love walking, crocheting, cooking and seeing my friends.Q: Describe your artistic style in 3 words. A: Colourful, quirky, graphic

What Catriona R. MacKenzie is working on

I have been busy since Christmas designing and prototyping new jewellery. Hope to have some final designs made up as soon as possible! 

Been an incredible busy CHristmas season for me this year! Lots of Christmas markets in Bristol, which have all gone really well. Made Christmas Baubles to sell on Seek and Adore, but I sold them al... View more

I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society. Have a look at my profile here... 

Only a couple of days left before The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester!! If you are in the area, come along! It is free entry on the Thursday night (from 6pm). Open until Sunday... View more

I have been shortlisted to win a female business bursary gifted by Triumph Lingerie! Please vote for me via I am near the bottom ... View more