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Every product we sell has a story, told by the makers themselves.
Welcome to our store

We love beautiful things. Distinctive and unusual things. We Seek & Adore them.

Things for your home and accessories for you. The last thing you want to hear is a friend saying “I've got that” or “We've got one of those”. The things you buy should be individual: they reflect you, your taste and who you are. That’s why we love words like unique and one-off and things that are handmade and unusual. The difficulty is finding them, unless you’ve got lots of time on your hands – which is why we’ve made Seek & Adore.
About Us
About Us

Seek & Adore is the place to find beautiful things. Things that are individually hand crafted by people who love what they do. Everything we sell is made by someone you can watch and talk to. Every product has a story, told by the makers themselves. You don’t find that every day.

Seek & Adore is a meeting place for those of us who love beautiful things and the people who make them. We’ve searched high and low so you don’t have to. All you have to do is type in our name: Seek & Adore.
About Us
What we believe
  1. All our products have a story. And none of them begin “Once upon a time in a factory...”;
  2. There's a real artist behind everything we sell. You can ask them if you don't believe us;
  3. We care about our makers. The lion's share of the price you pay goes directly to them;
  4. We make it easy for our customers to find distinctive and unusual things;
  5. We help our makers raise their profile and sell their work;
  6. We're in business because we're passionate about what we do. We love everything in our shop. If we didn't, it wouldn't be there;
  7. Every time you come across us we'll inspire you;
  8. We believe trends can also be timeless. We're all about up-to-the-minute products that don't have a sell-by date. "Here today" doesn't have to be "gone tomorrow";
  9. We show you the time, passion and skill that goes into making our products so you can see the value of what you're buying;
  10. Shopping with us is like buying from a friend – it's personal and we won't let you down.

Meet the team
Hatty Fawcett, Founder
Hatty has spent longer than she cares to remember working in marketing and e-commerce. Her background is in marketing and she's helped build strong brands including the BBC, EBTM.com (a start-up internet fashion retailer), Moonpig.com and most recently Woolworths.co.uk. When looking to decorate two rooms in a new loft conversion Hatty realised how difficult it is to find beautiful, original homewares and thought it was time to make it easier.
About Us
Daniel Goode, Chief Seeker, Homewares
Daniel has trained in a number of artistic fields including theatre, ceramics and art. He developed a love of studio pottery when he studied throwing, sculpture and design. He collects studio pottery and has a passion for seeking out pieces by talented but obscure makers. Daniel recognises that not everyone has the time to do this and he's delighted to be raising the profile of artists, designer-makers and crafts people whilst also making it easier for customers to find distinctive and unusual work on Seek & Adore.
About Us
Adam Frampton, Safekeeper
Adam is a qualified accountant with over twenty years of experience working on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs around the UK and Europe. Before the word accountant stops you reading any further...Adam is most proud of the fact the he doesn't fit Monty Python’s stereotypical mould of the ‘boring’ accountant! He likes to inject some life and enthusiasm into all the projects with which he is involved. He also brings a varied appreciation of the exquisite and unique to his work at Seek & Adore.
About Us
Company number and registered address
Seek & Adore Ltd is registered in England and Wales with the number 7363032. Our registered Office is 53 Wyatt Park Road, London, SW2 3TW. Our VAT number is 100410402.